October Wine Dinner

Thursday, October 25, 2018 at 6:30

This dinner will feature the wines of Cantina Mesa and Cà Maiol.

The Cantina Mesa Vineyard:

"We want to tell you the story of a fabulous winemaking area. A terroir with a mother’s generosity, a land that holds nothing back; its riches and subtleties, its aromas and fragrances, its soul and knowledge. A place where sea and sky form a single source of light, where vines grow on hillsides pampered by caring nature, lulled by the sun and caressed by a wind permeated with the scents of the sea and the Mediterranean. The story of a land with a culture of hard labor, but also love and dedication, a strong sentiment that harks back to an ancient art and tradition.

The name Mesa, which in both Sardinian and in Spanish means table, sums up in just four letters the very soul of the winery. Nourishment, a meal among friends, simplicity, and fragrant odors of the Sardinian earth. Mesa was thus born as a declaration of love for Sardinia, as a marriage of beauty and goodness, as a celebration of the island’s generosity and of its culture, expressed through one of its most noble cultural treasures, wine. It represents the fulfilment of a dream of founder Gavino Sanna, who dreamed of creating something extraordinary, as unique and simple as his own land, and for his own land."

The Cà Maio:

"Preserving the viti-vinicultural tradition of the zone and representing innovation in the field of wine production have been Cà Maiol’s goals ever since the beginning: objectives that were renewed in 1996 when the estate passed into the hands of the children of the founder, Walter Contato. The new generation inherited his passion for the region, his love for Lugana wine, and his desire to keep on developing and improving the company’s outstanding products. As a result, the estate’s 130 hectares of land are today the fertile custodians of pioneering winemaking and of a wine with a marked local identity. Thanks to its unique texture and contemporary style, it has succeeded in winning over palates worldwide."

$65 per person all inclusive. Reservations are limited. Purchase tickets early.