Three Tomatoes Gift Cards and Three Tomatoes Community Gift Card

Send a Gift Card for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, holiday, congratulations or just because.

Three Tomatoes Community Gift Card to help our employees, while rewarding our guests.When you purchase $500 worth of gift cards from March 18th through May 4th, you receive our employee discount of 25% every time you use the cards. As the owner, I will match your discounted amount. These funds, along with the gratuity from our take-out program, and any contributions made by kind folks who wish to contribute to our employees, will help the majority of our staff, who will be temporarily collecting unemployment compensation that is substantially less than their weekly paychecks. The goal is to help our staff maintain financial stability throughout this coronavirus crisis .

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There are three options for gift card delivery:

  • You can pick the cards in Lebanon, NH
  • We can notify your recipient by email that they can pickup their cards in Lebanon, NH
  • We will ship the gift cards by USPS to your recipient
Just pick which option you want for each card.

Only the buyer or named recipient can claim the gift card.

Gift Cards are sold and redeemable at our Lebanon, NH location only.