COVID-19 Response Message to our Community.

The thirty-year old heart of Three Tomatoes Trattoria is its mission to create community. We recognize and celebrate our place as part of the foundation of our business and food community in the Upper Valley. During the past two weeks, the response of our patrons, including our local regulars and new customers, many deemed essential workers during this emergency, has been wonderful.

We thank you, and we need you to continue purchasing your dinners from us. The COVID 19 crisis is more than a simple challenge for us. By making Three Tomatoes Trattoria meals grace your table often, you help to insure that our restaurant remains lively and a valuable community resource.

Three Tomatoes Trattoria is open temporarily for dinner take-out service only. There is no lunch take-out at this point. To view our take-out menu, click TAKE OUT in the menu bar on the home page of our website: For larger parties or family style dining, our catering menu is available with advance notice and availability.

From March 31- May 15, we are open seven days a week. Sunday-Thrusday we are open noon-7:30pm and from noon-8:00pm on Friday and Saturday. Take-out orders can be placed over the phone and picked up during open hours. We offer a curbside pickup option. Let us know when you have arrived in the front of Three Tomatoes, and we will bring your meal to you.

We are grateful to all of you who purchased our crisis response Three Tomatoes Community Gift Cards, which help our employees, while rewarding our guests. We extend the sales of our Three Tomatoes Community Gift Card to help our employees, while rewarding our guests. When you purchase the $500 Community Gift Card through May 4, you receive our employee discount of 25% every time you use the card. As the owner, I match your discounted amount. These funds, along with the gratuity from our take-out program and any contributions made by kind folks who wish to contribute to our employees, are helping the majority of our staff, who will be temporarily collecting unemployment compensation that is substantially less than their weekly paychecks. The goal is to help our staff maintain financial stability throughout this coronavirus crisis.

We continue diligently to create a clean and safe space for you, your friends, and family, and our staff. We strictly enforce Department of Health protocols. Daily, our Three Tomatoes team is following up-to-date guidelines from the CDC and Department of Health in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The sustainability of providing our take-out service six days a week depends on you, our customers, and our hard working, committed staff. Your patronage will help us to reach the volume of sales in food, wine, and Three Tomatoes Gift Cards necessary to continue providing delicious meals for you and the community, and assistance to our employees, during this challenging time. I speak for our entire staff when I say that we appreciate your support at all times and particularly in this time of disruption.

Buon appetito, with gratitude,